Welcome to KOTHAR Capital

Kothar Capital is an investment advisor and capital management firm offering our money management services to clients seeking a value-oriented, intelligent and risk minimizing approach to investing.  We manage accounts for a variety of clients and private limited partnerships including affluent individuals and entities.

Guiding Priciple: "Integrity Above All Else"

"A secure future means making your money work HARDER and SMARTER."

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Emblem Investment Objectives:

Our aim is quite simple.  KOTHAR Capital will buy solid businesses at exceptional prices, in order to maximize the after-tax total return over our client’s lifetimes while assuming a reasonable risk.

To increase the likelihood of achieving this goal, we invest for the long term and secure equity in high-quality companies that we seek to purchase at attractive discounts to their true underlying value.


derived from that capital.”

Emblem Underlying Tenet

Our approach demands discipline and patience.

During years of underperformance, it is not because we abandoned our strict investment criteria, but because we adhered to them...

Not because we ignored fundamental analysis, but because we practiced it...

Not because we shunned value, but because we sought it...

And not because we speculated, but because we refused to speculate.