About Us

Kothar Capital Management holds to the ideals of INTEGRITY ABOVE ALL ELSE and service without prejudice and believe that money managers as a group should hold their clients in the highest trust.  At Kothar Capital, we take this responsibility very seriously and have formulated our approach and built our relationships in the fashion we would like them to be were our positions reversed.

BullseyeAt Kothar capital, we work diligently to understand and implement the techniques and philosophies practiced by other successful and outstanding investors like Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Marty Whitman, John Templeton, and others.  We have conscientiously analyzed their techniques and philosophies and broken them down into their building blocks.  From that basis, we have derived our own disciplined approach to fit our style.  We have consistently applied our approach to the benefit of our clients by outperforming the market averages by a wide margin over the intermediate and longer term time periods.  It has been proven time and again that those investors that have held to a disciplined and consistent intelligent approach no matter the current fads in the market, have outperformed the popular averages.  That is Kothar’s aim and That is Kothar’s result.  Our overriding goal is to help our clients achieve outstanding investment results through consistent and disciplined application of our strategies.

We believe that choosing the right money manager is extremely important and above all else should be based on integrity and trust.  We also believe in the dictum “eat your own cooking” and so we have a substantial portion of our net worth invested alongside yours so our interests are always aligned.  Though we cannot guarantee performance, we consider our clients as “investor – partners” and will work very hard to ensure that our partnership succeeds.

This website was designed to give you, our clients and potential clients, a feel for Kothar capital, its services, people, and philosophies.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us as we appreciate your feedback and believe it is vital for our clients to understand how we think and how we operate.  Please explore on.