Getting Started With Kothar

If you would like to learn about becoming a client, please give us a call or email us so that we can better assess your needs and set up a consult so that we can get to know one another better. It is only through this process we can see if Kothar is the money manager for you.

After this no obligation consult, if you would like to establish a formal relationship with Kothar Capital, then becoming a client involves the following steps:

  1. Please  review our Privacy Policy for Clients.

  2. Please review and Complete the  Investment Management Agreement with Kothar Capital Management, in full including all appendices and required signatures

  3. If you have one or more accounts that you would like us to handle, whether it be an existing or new account, we will get the necessary forms for you. Then, please send the signed forms to us by fax, mail, or email along with your other paperwork. Do not send new account forms directly to the Custodian because we like to keep copies in your file and make sure the process goes smoothly.

Once the new account(s) are opened by the custodian, we will contact you with your new account information. Please do not send any checks or cash to Kothar Capital Management, Inc. as we do not take custody of client funds. Instead, all funds and deposits should be mailed or wired directly to your custodian.

Detailed mail and wire instructions for Fidelity Investments are as follows:

Checks and physical certificates should be mailed to:

Fidelity Investments
P.O. Box 770001
Cincinnati, OH 45277-0001

Include your name and Fidelity Account# with (or on) the check or certificate (if you are sending a stock certificate. Write "National Financial" on the back as the "Attorney to Transfer Stock", then sign on the back with your account #)

Wires for your Fidelity Account should be sent to:

Wire funds to: J.P. Morgan Chase, NY
Routing number: 021000021
For credit to: National Financial Services LLC
Account number: 066196-221
For the benefit of: List all owners on the Fidelity account
For final credit to: Your account number (letters included if applicable)
Address: One Chase Manhattan Plaza, New York, NY 10005

Many of our clients elect to custody their accounts with Fidelity Investments, which offers low cost brokerage, custody, and clearing services. However, clients are free to maintain their account(s) at the firm(s) of their choice.

Note: In all cases, accounts belong to the client and the client would receive regular statements and confirmations from the custodian. Kothar Capital as your investment advisor is only authorized to make discretionary investment decisions on your behalf and, if applicable, to deduct fees from the accounts when due.

If you have questions regarding the above process or any of our services, please call us at 954.425.0295 or email us by writing You may fax completed documents to: 954.596.1923.