Peter Sabga

Kothar Capital was founded by Peter who serves as our President and Managing Investor-Partner. Peter hails from a background of structural and geotechnical Civil Engineering. In addition, he has a strong background in construction and real-estate development and management. He also has been involved in operating businesses in industries as diverse as plastics and mechanical anchors.

Peter's quantitative and hard science background as well as his business background and management experience has allowed him to bring to the investing arena a keen acumen and unique approach to valuation and analysis of companies that affords his clients an edge. This edge is evidenced in Kothar's track record of delivering outstanding money management services since we outperformed the vast majority (well in excess of 90%) of other managers over our measurement periods.

Peter has been a successful investor for over two decades and his clients' managed accounts have outperformed the market averages by a wide margin over the intermediate and longer-term periods. Peter is a student of the latticework style of investing in that he believes that diverse work, life, and study experiences allow one to tap into the knowledge derived from a variety of disciplines. This approach allows the investor to avoid tunnel vision and base the investment decision on sound reasoning and not on fickle emotions.

Peter graduated from Tufts University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering and he later received his Masters Degree in Business and Finance. Peter is also a licensed real estate broker and has certification in securities valuation. Peter has attained the rank of second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do / Combat Hapkido and enjoys the disciplines of Martial Arts and fitness cycling. He is also a member of Rotary International and is closely involved in several local individual charities.