Our services are suited to meet the needs of a variety of clients including individuals, joint owners, partnerships, and other legal structures.  All of our solutions are based on the demanding principles of intelligent value driven investing.

Whatever the legal or formal structure of our relationship, our attitude is that of a partnership.  We like to work with people who we like, trust and admire and who feel the same way about us.  We would like to attract clients/partners who share our long-term goals and values.  Like good partners, we try to be fair and equitable to everyone with whom we have a relationship and create win-win relationships.

We are looking for clients (we prefer to view our clients as investor-partners) who share our approach to long-term performance and are intelligent, business savvy, knowledge-seeking people interested in both preserving their wealth and growing their assets.  We will not seek a get rich quick scheme but rather a get rich slowly approach that we have found is the best way to achieve significant long-term value and wealth creation.

Our current activities consist of the following:

1. We manage money for our clients in separate discretionary accounts.

Separate Accounts Management is available for clients who would like their accounts handled by Kothar Capital.  Kothar Capital works only on a fee basis and does not charge or participate in commissions or transaction based charges.  Our management fee structure can be viewed in greater detail here.

Client's custody and maintain assets at third party firms of their choice.  Kothar Capital has arrangements with Fidelity Investments.  However, clients may also choose to custody their assets at others firms as well.  Transaction costs for trades in the client accounts are paid directly to the broker or custodian.

2. Select clients have access to the ALCHEMY Family of Investment Partnerships:

Alchemy  Alchemy Opportunity Fund Partnership:

Alchemy Opportunity Fund attempts to identify undervalued, beaten down premier companies that offer the investor a significant opportunity for recovery and outsized profit potential.  By performing in-depth analysis of the company and its industry, the Opportunity Fund is well positioned to take advantage of those opportunities as they arise.

In simple terms, after Alchemy Opportunity Fund identifies a company and sets a target acquisition price it utilizes a rigorous proprietary approach through the use of the selling of put options.  By selling put options on the stock, sometimes in conjunction with outright purchase of the stock, and other times targeting the stock solely through the use of writing puts, the fund is placed in the luxury position of a sort of win-win investment scenario.  The fund will usually confine most of its work to those options that are below the cuurent stock price and that do not expire for 9-15 months.  The beauty of the strategy and thus the win-win quality is that by selling the put with a disciplined return in mind, the fund takes in current income through premium.  In the scenario that the stock continues to appreciate, the fund gets to retain the premium. In the scenario that the stock declines, the fund wants to own the stock anyway and now is in the position, through the use of selling puts, to acquire the stock at a better price than its initial target.  This strategy using options is meant for serious long-term investments, as a sort of "insured" or "minimal risk" method of investing.

If both you and Kothar Capital decide to pursue a relationship, we will assist you in setting up a brokerage account or purchasing an interest in our Alchemy Investment Partnership.  You will need to send the check directly to the custodian for deposit into your account.  We are not a custodian and are not allowed to handle or take custody of your funds.

To find out more about or services or to request additional information, you may call us at (954) 425-0295 or email us at